Holly Powell Audition Tips

Hey all! I’ve spent the day rummaging the internet for really good audition tapes, etc. and came across these awesome tips for anyone going into the audition room. (I know the videos make it look like they were filmed in the 80’s/early 90’s but they’re actually only a few years old).
Nothing messes me up more than when the reader has the first line and in just a few minutes, this was addressed and a potential solution was found. I’ve also audited an acting class where the teacher suggested walking into the audition room in character. Holly explains why you might want to re-think that. She even covers how to dress for character roles so as to not show up in costume. I’d highly recommend giving the videos a watch!
I’m not trying to sell her book because I haven’t read it (I will read it though and report back) but this excerpt is EVERYTHING! I have walked in to audition rooms and seen all of these things and let them mess with me. I’ve overheard a casting director brag excitedly about all the other actors coming in to read for the part I was going in for. I’ve sat next to celebrities in the audition room. I’ve walked in and looked NOTHING like the 30 other people around me who all looked the same. I’ve seen actors excitedly greet the casting director with familiarity that I most certainly did not have. It definitely gets to me even when I try to ignore it. Take a look and decide for yourself if you think this will be helpful.
If you have read the book, please let me know how you liked it. Hope this helps anyone who struggles with live auditions like I do!

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